Sabia C. Wade


Founder & Executive Director

Sabia Wade is a full spectrum doula, reproductive justice activist and future home birth midwife. Her experience began in 2015 as a volunteer doula with The Prison Birth Project, where she served incarcerated and formerly incarcerated parents, as well as parents on drug maintenance medications. She began For The Village after moving to San Diego in 2017 and realizing the need for affordable doula care and socially conscious education in the San Diego area.



Tianna Barr


Tianna is a full spectrum doula and Certified Massage Therapist, specializing in perinatal massage. Becoming a  doula has given her the gift of enriching her practice and allowed for another perspective to her heart focused work. She thrives in a welcoming community of birth workers who support and guide women through the transformative journey that is birth.  She aims to embody her motto to “massage with purpose” at any given chance, integrating wellness into the many facets of life.

Venice Cotton


Venice is a full spectrum doula and certified personal trainer, with a passion for supporting women, especially teen girls. Venice decided to become a doula after her own experience with doulas during her last pregnancy. As a doula and personal trainer, Venice shines in her passion to support families in their postpartum period, with her knowledge of breastfeeding and nutrition, as well as her own life experience.

Tyreene Amberdine


Tyreene is a full spectrum doula and medical assistant. She began her doula journey as a volunteer doula, which allowed her to support families while gaining valuable experience. Tyreene is continuously educating herself about social issues in the birth world, as well as gaining additional skills to support her friends, family and community.