Meet Our Doulas

Sabina Ransom

Greetings! My name is Sabina Ransom. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I am currently an RNA/ nursing student/FTV doula. My primary job title (RNA) is very similar to a physical therapist & consists of providing restorative and rehabilitation care for residents/patients to maintain or region physical, mental and emotional well being. I am aspiring to be a  Registered Nurse, more specifically, a Labor and Delivery or Postpartum Nurse. With that being said, I am super excited to work as a team with each and every client striving to achieve their dream birthing experience to the best of OUR ability & be prepared for any possible challenges thrown our way. I look forward to flourishing and strive to become the best doula I can be and gain understanding and knowledge from each and every birthing experience. 

Sartteka am ab Nefer

The first birth I ever supported was at the age of 15. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with two minors in Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies and my Master’s degree is in Women’s Studies. I took a Spinning Babies class in 2018, did a monologue about my birth story and began official doula training the following year with For the Village. I was finishing my degree and working full time as an educator until 2020 when I began to focus on birthwork full time. I joined the Birthing From Within team, starting my Childbirth Educator “Mentoring From Within” certification program April 2020, joined The Nafsa Project School Traditional Moroccan Postpartum training certification program in June 2020, became a Nafsa Project School Ambassador in September of 2020, joined the Milk Magic Educators by Nurturely in October 2020, joined the Traditional Birthworkers Association and became an Ambassador for the Traditional Birthworkers Association in December 2020. My own birth story is published in volume 2 of Reclaiming Our Stories for those who wish to know more about my birthwarrior journey. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are my passion, serving families and bringing holistic, traditional practices to individuals, families & communities is my Nia (purpose). I am working towards expanding my company Nefer Het Ankh (beautiful House of Life) and applying to Midwifery school.  

Jocelyn Langowski

Hello, my name is Jocelyn Langowski and I have been a doula since October 2021. 

My goal and the reason I became a doula are both the same; I am passionate about helping birthing people feel a sense of connection, satisfaction, and confidence with their birth. A birth is something they experience that they will remember for a lifetime and I want it to be a positive one. My whole heart and soul are poured into all of my clients. I believe in equal high-quality care for everyone. I am a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, and First aid &CPR(infants, children, and adults). I will be continuing my education in getting the following certifications: Hypnobirthing, Spinning Babies, childbirth educator, breastfeeding educator, massage for laboring women, and young parent support specialist. A quirky fact about me would be I have lived on 3 continents. 

Noemí Delgado

My name is Noemí Delgado. I am a certified doula, lactation education counselor and reiki healer. I became involved in birthwork three years ago while living with midwives in my family’s home country of El Salvador. I was called to this work because I believe that birth should be treated as a ceremony and I am passionate about supporting people in my community through life transitions. My goal is to go back to school for midwifery and a fun fact about me is that I collect candles!

Aisha Wilson

My goals are to support, educate and advocate for parents. Since becoming a mother, I understood what exactly being a doula means by noting everything I missed and would have appreciated during the entire process.  I made the professional decision in 2003 to support a mother who deserved so much more than was given during her birthing experience. The event turned around positively due to a doula lending the client her voice. A quirky fact is I have learned to lend my uniqueness to benefit other peers.

Melody Fuse

  • Goals- To give women a birthing choice other than modern deliveries
  • How long you’ve been a doula? Just became one
  • Why you became a doula and any certifications you may have in addition to being a doula- I own my own Healing Spiritual Practice and wanted to add Birth Doula as one of my Spiritual Services- Im A level 2 Certified Maternity Reiki Practitioner among other Holistic Certifications
  • Quirky fact about you? I’m A crystal Geek

Pati Lomeli

  • Goals: To provide accessible Lactation education to my community.
  • How long you’ve been a doula: I have been a doula for 2 years and an ibclc for 4 years. Also a birth educator and lactation promotor for 7 years.
  • Why you became a doula and any certifications you may have in addition to being a doula? Because I wanted to know more in what ways I can assist a parent during their sacred births.  I have a bachelor in fine arts in drawing and painting. I like to use my art in a more activist way. As well as my international board of certified lactation consulting certification.
  • Quirky fact about you: My favorite smell in the world is pretichor. And my favorite colors are chromatic grays.