Fighting for Reproductive Justice One Birth At A Time

For The Village provides FREE doula services to all families in the San Diego area with an emphasis on marginalized groups – people of color, LBGTQIA, and low-income families.

What We Do


For The Village has trained over 60 San Diego community members as Full Spectrum birth workers. We offer classes such as Lactation Education, Childbirth Education, and Postpartum Planning to educate everyone who wants to learn.


As Full Spectrum Certified Doulas, we serve the San Diego area, actively practicing being open and aware of the diverse reproductive needs and experiences people have, in light of their identity, background, preferences, and lived experiences. Since opening, we have helped to assist over 300 families!


If we’re not attending a birth or teaching a class, it’s most likely we are advocating for marginalized groups in the San Diego area. We want to support EVERYONE in their birthing journeys with an emphasis on people of color, LGBTQIA, black and brown immigrants, and low income families. 

The Facts

Why is Reproductive Justice So Important?


Number of Women That Die Each Year In The US As A Result of Pregnancy or Delivery Complications


Number of Deaths That Occur Due to Pregnancy or Delivery Complications That Are Preventable


Mortality Rate of Black Women Per 100,000 Live Births, according to 2020 CDC data.

How Can You Help?

Educate. Serve. Advocate.

Educating yourself about the disparities in the reproductive world is vital in the fight for reproductive justice. To get started, head to our Resources page for articles, partnerships, and recommendations.

If you’re ready to take action and become a Full Spectrum Doula with For The Village, head to our Become a Doula information page:

Help us in the fight for reproductive justice by advocating during events, programs, rallies, and classes. Head to our Calendar page to find out more:

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